Brünnhilde, Hamburg premier ‘Siegfried’, October 2009

Der Neue Merker

The big bright spot at the end was Catherine Foster who had already made her debut in April 2009 in Hamburg with the “Walküre”-Brünnhilde, and now sang the "Siegfried"-Brünnhilde. … Because of Claus Guths Personenregie and Foster’s personality, her slowly coming to herself and to Siegfried as a young woman, and with her great vocal potential, the final scene for her became a personal triumph. She sings the role with a decidedly lyrical touch emphasizing the component of a singer. The musical lines come beautifully intoned with crescendo and decrescendo in their full length. Even the more dramatic moments and high notes toward the end of the final scene do not pose any problems. She sings them out and full-length, the final high "C" rings out brightly. Despite the lyrical baseline, Foster always has the stuff to attack - a promising new soprano in the heavy Wagner and Strauss discipline.

Klaus Billand

Hamburg Brünnhilde 2009

Der neue Merker

Catherine Foster, is at this time probably the best casting far and wide…….

Peter Bilsing

Hamburg Siegfried 2009

Seen and Heard International MusicWeb Review

This leaves us with Catherine Foster who sang Brünnhilde, someone who should be better known in the UK because she is a British Wagner singer of considerable potential,. She has already made a success of this role in a Ring Cycle in Weimar and repeats the success here with the impassioned intensity of her singing, her gleaming tone and her ease in surmounting music that swells with ever-increasing power.

By Dr. J. Pritchard

DVD Critic of Walküre weimar Ring 2009

MusicWeb International For

Catherine Foster is an imposing, redheaded Brünnhilde, all girlish enthusiasm and touching vulnerability as she reacts to her father's wrath. In the final scene with Wotan she is superb

Tony Duggan

Walküre DVD & Blu-Ray Bei Arthaus

Der Neue Merker

And one must call Catherine Foster, really one of the ideal Brünnhildes of our day, a clever, charming, warmhearted creature, whose sensitivity to her ……. Does not distract

Renate Wagner

Götterdämmerung Review  Weimar DVD & Blu-Ray from Arthaus

Opera Brittania

The finest vocal performance in the entire Weimar Ring comes undoubtedly from Catherine Foster’s sensitive and intelligently sung Brünnhilde. Her resplendent full-bodied soprano shines with crystal clear high notes that cut easily through the orchestra and a warm, radiant tone.

Faye Courtney

Siegfried Review DVD and Blu-Ray Weimar

Opera Brittania,

Catherine Foster reprised the role of Brünnhilde and produced some truly glorious and resplendent singing combined with sensitive acting and a compelling, sympathetic stage presence.

Faye Courtney

Walküre review DVD and Blu-Ray Weimar

Opera Brittania

Soprano Catherine Foster was a warm-voiced Brünnhilde with radiant top notes and a wonderfully expressive style

Faye Courtney

Catherine Foster triumphs in the exciting Weimar Walküre

The Weimar Walküre on DVD/BluRay continues what was a very exciting start with Das Rheingold. The staging is very interesting, the filming and editing is excellent, the musical level very good - and a new great Brünnhilde is born in Catherine Foster……………

As mentioned, the great surprise was the magnificent Catherine Foster as Brünnhilde. She acts convincingly and sings the part better than most Brünnhildes today.